While the University of Virginia acts as the hub administrator, the Digital Virginias Strategy Team is core to the hub’s operations and governance. Digital Virginias governance model outlines the group’s structure.

Digital Virginias Strategy Team

The strategy team always contain representatives from both states as well as those organizations who underwrite (fund) the membership. Some may represent multiple components. The purpose of the team is to represent as many diverse perspectives as possible.

  • DPLA Network Council Representative (Chair)
  • DPLA Network Council Alternate (Vice Chair)
  • Outreach Lead
  • Metadata Lead
  • Technology/Infrastructure Lead
  • DiVas/ARVAS liaison
  • Other representatives to be defined in discussion with the membership


DPLA hub membership costs are split evenly amongst the six founding institutions; University of Virginia, George Mason University, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia Tech, William & Mary and West Virginia University.


Chair and DPLA Network Council Representative2 year term, first year as AlternateWen Nie Ng (VT)
Vice-chair and DPLA Network Council Alternate2 year termVacant
Webmaster2 year termDebbie Cornell (WM)
Outreach Lead2 year termJessica McMillen (WVU)
Metadata Lead2 year termVacant
Technology/Infrastructure Lead UVA designated personLou Foster (UVA)
DPLA Host Institution Representative UVA designated person Jennifer Roper (UVA)
DiVas/ARVAS LiaisonDiVas/ARVAS designated personKatherine Crowe (Alexandria Public Library)
Termed positions election cycles: Terms run January 1 to December 31, with elections held in October.